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Ok so I just got pulled over for speeding and I go a ticket for that ok, I also don’t have insurance at the moment, I know not very good. Well I didn’t tell the officer that, I just had said that I…


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New York Fashion Week Designers Over 40 You Need To Know

NYFW kicks off their Fall/Winter shows on February 7.

New York Fashion Week Model

Thanks to NYFW, we can expect to see what the future holds for fashion. Will we be wearing shorter or longer dresses? What color will be the latest trend? What designers will we see most often on the red carpets? What designer will make a statement to improve our lives or make us question their morality?

As we eagerly anticipate the fresh and fashionable creations showcased by talented new designers, there are those of us who are more excited to see the timeless pieces from our favorite OGs.

After a successful career at Chanel, the 40ish-year-old designer created her own brand, Hellessy, that is making waves in the fashion industry.

No stranger to setting trends, the Pennsylvania designer always gives us styles that represent the kickass girl boss.

For more than 30 years, Nicole has inspired us with her bold colors, creative prints, and styles that last for years.

This classy Venezulian designer has graced us with fashion worn by First Ladies, including Jacqueline Onassis, Laura Bush, and the lovely Michelle Obama.

The Dallas, Texas designer is ready to serve us unique shapes, vibrant colors, and smooth textures in the new collection.

From clothing to makeup, we all seem to have grown up with Alice + Olivia. Who can forget the “just pants” collection of 2002?

The Detroit designer is a true rockstar in the fashion industry. Her clothing has been seen on the likes of such badass women that include legendary supermodel, Naomi Campbell; music icon, Madonna, and the king of rockstars, Mick Jagger.

After a two year sabbatical, the New York City designer is ready to make jaws drop when the models take over the runway.

Economically conscious, Gabriela works diligently to reduce the carbon footprint of her shows. For her spring/summer 2020 collection, she became the first brand to stage a carbon-neutral fashion.

In 1981, the Chicago designer launched her brand with $3,000 and to date, she is sought after by fashion influencers that include Ashanti, Jeannie Mai, and Tamera Mowry.

That’s our list! What designers are you eagerly anticipating?

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