African Countries Have Been Busy

We are all still reeling from Trump’s Anti- Africa comments. Contrary to his statement, many African countries are vibrant economies full of innovation and the continent is on the move. Alternate and…


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What Is Dropservicing?

Dropservicing is a business model in which you sell a service to clients and then outsource that service to a freelancer. In dropservicing, you are responsible for getting clients.


Dropservicing is actually all about marketing. Since you’re responsible for getting clients, you have to use different marketing strategies to generate leads to your page. There are many strategies you can use to generate leads, some of the best ways are:

A very important thing to remember in marketing is that the more money you invest, the less time and effort you’ll need to put into generating leads. However, this is only true if you’re investing that money in the right way (DON’T JUST THROW MONEY INTO YOUR BUSINESS AND EXPECT RESULTS!).


Step 1: Pick A Niche (the service you’re selling)

Step 2: Identify your dream client (aka ideal avatar, target audience)

Step 3: Build your funnel, landing page or website(I recommend a funnel)

Step 4: Create a lead magnet(Use your dream client to create the perfect lead magnet. Your lead magnet needs to be related to the service you provide in order to generate high quality leads)

Step 5: Create an email sequence

Step 6: Use the marketing strategies you’ve picked to generate leads for your business(organic or paid marketing will work).

Step 7: Use your email list to promote your services and other related products.

Step 8: Start automating your entire business

Step 9: Once your business is automated and requires only a little management daily, repeat with other services

Dropservicing is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Results are achieved and goals are met ONLY through hard work and time. If you stick with it long enough, you’re putting in the time and you’re learning from your mistakes, you will no doubt find success in this business and it will open up doors to many other business models that you’ll be able to take advantage of.

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